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DWG Versions DXF Versions
D01 Rafter/Fire Cut D01 Rafter/Fire Cut
D02 Deck Cantilever D02 Deck Cantilever
D03 Cantilever D03 Cantilever
D04 Gusset D04 Gusset
D05 Exterior Knee Wall D05 Exterior Knee Wall
D06 Point Load Application D06 Point Load Application
D07 Hangered Cantilever D07 Hangered Cantilever
D08 Strongback Application D08 Strongback Application
D09 Hangered/Joist-to-Joist D09 Hangered/Joist-to-Joist
D10 Hangered/Joist-to-Beam D10 Hangered/Joist-to-Beam
D11 Hangered/Beam-to-Joist D11 Hangered/Beam-to-Joist
D12 Flush to Steel Beam D12 Flush to Steel Beam