Maximum Opening Sizes

The versatility of the TrimJoist™ is unmatched by any other pre- engineered wood joist product. The open-web nature of the TrimJoist™ is ideal for plumbing, electrical, and A/C duct work. Need to get a perfect slope on a drain line? TrimJoist™ is the Right Choice.

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Notes on Opening Sizes:

1. All opening sizes given are in inches and denote maximum expected clearance.
2. Rectangular opening R1 is provided at centerline of stock length (except 4' length).
3. Only a single opening D available in 4' stock length.
4. Only opening R1 available in 6' and 8' stock length.
5. Openings R2 and D not applicable in shaded areas (S) adjacent to rectangular opening.
6. The shaded openings (s) are available for smaller pass-thrus such as electrical, plumbing, vaccuum, etc.
7. PVC materials should not be allowed to freely rub against the wood structure of the joist. PVC is notorious for squeaks and should either be held well away from joist contact or secured to the joist with appropriate fasteners and padding such as felt (see below).

Detail for large diameter PVC material

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