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TrimJoist™ products offer many benefits to the homeowner, builder and distributor. If you need further explanation on any of these benefits or would like to talk to us in person, please call us at 800-844-8281.

TrimJoist™ Features ... and the Benefits
TRIMMABLE END SECTION Our unique TrimEnds allow the truss to be trimmed on the job site for an exact fit. Other trusses typically cannot be adjusted for site conditions that may not be exactly as expected. Also great for angled walls.
OPEN WEB DESIGN Unlike other solid-I type joists, the TrimJoist™ features strut webbing. This eliminates the subcontractor's need to cut holes. Thus, the valuable floor cavity space is available for plumbing, electrical and duct work. No more drop down ceilings. Great in basement areas.
FULL 3-1/2 INCH WIDE FLANGE The TrimJoist™ features a 3.5-inch flange on both top and bottom. This makes subfloor application simpler and quicker. The wide surface also allows for the application of more glue to resist the shearing action between the joist and subfloor. Also, more nails hit their mark thereby reducing the likelihood of squeaks.
THICK O.S.B. ON TrimEnd SECTIONS Since we use a 23/32-inch thick OSB in our TrimEnd sections, the use of compression or "squash" blocks is almost entirely eliminated. Only under the heaviest of load conditions must additional blocking be used.
AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL BUILDING SUPPLIER Since the TrimJoist™ is available from stock at any authorized dealer, there are no lead times. Any overage or underage can be handled by your building supplier - not a factory which may impose a surcharge for an "extra" truss.

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